Turn Of The Century

In 2000 Tim found himself at a tipping point—a sort of entrepreneurial, refiner's fire. Working with a high performance commercial real estate team, where everyone played their role, Tim longed for something more.

Power Of Clarity

After five years he knew the role he was hired for no longer fit. With a finance degree he had been hired as an analyst. In commercial real estate, if the numbers didn't work, people simply didn't buy. This awareness laid the foundation for his aha moment.

Tim's Aha Moment!

"My ability to influence value

is limited in commercial real estate!"

Courage To Take Action

One of Tim's clients owned the St. Regis. He asked Tim to help exchange out of the hotel and into investment properties. Tim's broker approved the request, and he spent three weeks in the Coronal del Mar and Newport Beach areas finding properties that would support this hotel exchange.

A Perfect Storm

Within weeks Tim observed a huge opportunity in the current culture of the residential real estate market. Coincidentally, he fell in love with the residential process. His future had arrived. It didn't take Tim long to transition out of the commercial market.

The Birth of The Smith Group

Tim felt like many of the people on the residential side didn't treat their craft like a business. He didn't see the same professionalism as in commercial real estate. Tim had the information now to take action and make his contribution to the residential market.

"If I create an effective team, and service clients like a firm, we'll provide data and quantify our value at a difference."

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